Bluecore Inside is known as a news and media department of Sec Source Enterprise which is owned by Sophat Chann. Bluecore Inside focused on how to be awesome includes; curiosity, deals, food, health, inspiration, money system, tips and positive life quotes. It was established by Sophat Chann on his birthday (09 March, 2017). Bluecore Inside has four sub-domains such as CoreCommunityHappiness Research Lab.


Bluecore Inside is known as a community of Bluecore Inside. It is a forum sub-site which allows users ask and answer the questions. Users can earn money from their discussion with Bluecore Inside forum.

Happiness Research Lab

Two months later after created Bluecore Inside; Sophat Chann added another sub-site into his Bluecore Inside. It is known as Happiness Research Lab. This sub-domain is allowed users publish their own inspiration quotes into lab.


In term of Bluecore Inside is a deeply meant which comprised of two words combine together; Sophat Chann had defined the definition as publish in another sub-domain known as Core Bluecore Inside.